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Life is a race, whatever you do you always want to finish first

#009-Floating F1 Wheel is the last of khalmo first drop, the idea is to trasnform an Alboreto F1 steering Wheel in a life buoy…A really expensive one!!!

#008-F1 Space Tower is one of the coolest Work of khlamo, starting from a Ferrari F1 1997 Valve Cover, the result is stunning….This space Tower is real and is really cool!!!

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for more than $2 million. NFL star Rob Gronkowski would like for you to purchase his most notable Super Bowl moments. A guy named Beeple sold quirky digital illustrations for almost $70 million through one of the world’s largest auction houses. Before non-fungible tokens (NFTs) came along, these statements wouldn’t have made any sense. Now, however, the digital art and collectibles market has started to explode thanks to the blockchain. These NFTs give creators and investors the ability to sell and buy exclusively digital objects that range from weird 3D videos to…

#008 Space tower is the most iconic work of the first batch from kHalmo, a Ferrari F1 Valve Cover converted in to a Skyrocket launch pad during a Californian sunset.

#007-SpaceDriver is the artwork coming from the Loris Capirossi Helmet, in the background you can see his Ducati MotoGP…..

#006-Villenevue Kitesurf born from a 1977 Ferrari F1 Rear Wing. This specific wing was used in Monza Testing in 1977 from Jilles Villeneuve, Ferrari was doing some research on aerodynamics and added a cable in fron of the wing….This is the only wing of this type existing.

#005-Red Shark is the result of transforming a Ferrari F1 Nosecone and Wing, coming from the Car driven by M.Schumacher in 1998, in to a hammerhead shark…

#004-Red Satellite is the artwork produced from a 1987 Front Nosecone and Wing of a Ferrari F1–87, a superb piece of history racing that was tranformed in a Satellite from kHalmo.

Third release from kHalmo, #003-Flying Wing is a biplane created from a ’70 Rear Wing of a Ferrari F1. This is a ONE EDITION at that means that buying the NFT you will get also the piece used to do the artwork, in this case the Ferrari wing you see here below….


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